Female Entrepreneurs Honored For Their Dedication To Serve Mankind During COVID19

Photo by CoWomen on Unsplash

A trio of female entrepreneurs is being acknowledged for their multi-faceted and inspiring accomplishments during these tumultuous and pandemic stricken times.

Liz Drury, Ruchita Green, and Gemma Winter are being marked as a part of the #Ialso100 movement from f: Entrepreneur, an award that celebrates those who have played a crucial in serving their communities.

Ruchita Green, Masala Masters

Ruchita Green who started her own business in 2015 and owned Masala Masters explained that it was extremely difficult to adapt to a new and changing environment.

Before the pandemic we used to cook with people in their homes and were invited to dine and celebrate, sharing our collective love for food and enjoying delicacies on special occasions.

However, things did not remain the same due to lockdowns and confinements. She continued and shared that seeing the prevailing circumstances we had to act quickly and think on our feet.

After a lot of planning, we decided to go live and conduct a cook-along on our Facebook page every Saturday which slowly and gradually started to bear fruit as people from different parts of the world started to join and show interest.

Seeing the people so involved and sharing pictures helped uplift Ruchita’s spirit and gave reassurance to those who felt low and overwhelmed.

During this whole period, she has also written her first cookbook which she is looking forward to launching as soon as possible.

Gemma Winter, It Started With a Stitch

Gemma Winter who opened her first independent gift shop “It Started With a Stitch” is being appreciated by the locals for her passionate support of other small startups.

Gemma said that she is elated to have made it on the list and feels proud to have come so far in so little time. She remarked that she sees only a hopeful and bright future ahead and is proud of herself for doing what she loves and makes her happy.

Liz Drury, Voiceover Artist

Liz Drury began her eponymous voiceover business in 2013 and has been recognized after developing an online course on the subject.

She has organized multiple online readings and been an active part of successfully reaching out to those who have been self-isolating themselves, collecting prescriptions, and delivering medicines.

She commented, “I have always been involved in extra-curricular and voluntary activities from a young age, and I thoroughly enjoy all the different roles I play and the different hats I wear.”

Drury said that it is truly an honor to be standing on the same pedestal as some other extraordinary women and wishes to continue serving society in the best and most effective manner.