One More Sporting Event Postponed Due To COVID Pandemic

Photo: womenssixnations/Instagram

Just like other events, this year, the Women’s Six Nations has been postponed in light of the coronavirus pandemic and current scenario. The games have been canceled up till spring until further notice and the new schedule shall be announced once things settle down and see some form of stability.

Not only this tournament but the Under-20s championship has also been put off and further details on both games will be shared by the end of January.

CEO Ben Morel said that we are all up for the promotion and development of rugby at all levels especially for women since such opportunities lead to growth and open new doors for talent to shine.

However, we are also concerned about the health of our players and therefore this decision is not rushed but carefully thought and planned.

He added that we are confident that this unforeseen delay will help also us to prepare better. These types of unforeseen events put us in a stronger position to successfully execute exciting and thrilling matches that will completely mesmerize and engage the fans and audience alike and ensure the safest possible environment for our players.

Scotland, Ireland, and Italy have yet to qualify and present them with an opportunity to take full benefit from and earn a place for themselves in the tournament.

Irish Football Rugby Union’s director expressed her disappointment stating that the news is kind of dispiriting but something necessary and therefore she understands that’s such an action has been taken by keeping everyone’s interest in mind.

She shared that our training program is reviewed on a continuous basis to adapt to ever-changing circumstances. Our athletes have demonstrated a commendable attitude and shown great grit and resilience in this regard while adhering to strict safety protocols and guidelines.