Doni Miller From Toledo To Be Honored With Ohio Martin Luther King Jr. Award

Photo by Wan San Yip on Unsplash

A woman in Toledo among seven people will be acknowledged for her services to mankind by being awarded the Ohio Martin Luther King Jr. Award. The Governor’s Humanitarian Award recognizes the efforts of those who have given their time and services to humanity and been a constant source of support throughout their sufferings and hardship.

The 12 member commission follows Dr. King’s principles of nonviolent change and the pursuit of racial, social, and economic justice, and annually presents the awards in January leading up to the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday.

Miller‘s nominator appreciated and applauded her work. Her nominator said that it is a huge stepping stone for the unheard voices of our people and only comes to show that they and their lives do matter. They shall not only be given importance but also prioritized to ensure that all people of color are fairly and equally represented.

Doni Miller and her contemporaries shall be acknowledged for their selfless acts of kindness towards their community and helped promote their well-being, eradicating pain, and deprivation from society.

Miller is the CEO of Neighborhood Health Association which is the area’s largest non-profit healthcare system and is composed of several dental and medical clinics located in Lucas County.

The clinics offer medicine and treatment to the underprivileged and inadequately provided individuals. It also extends a hand to minorities including the Black and Hispanic population.

She has approximately 30 years of experience in the profession and holds a degree in Law from the University of Toledo and is currently studying Laws in Health Care for her post-graduate.

Apart from assisting the lower class, Miller is an advocate of women’s rights and efficiently participates in the cause, championing so they can have a secure, better, and brighter future.