Pakistani Official Gul Nisa Proudly Extending Peacekeeping Services In Sudan

Photo by Thomas Rey on Unsplash

Born and raised in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, lady police officer Gul Nisa from the Tank Division was chosen by the United Nation almost 10 months ago and shouldered with the daunting responsibility of carrying out her peacekeeping duties in Sudan.

Since then, Nisa has been proudly representing her homeland, Pakistan, and emerged successful in working with due care and diligence. She has been appointed as Assistant Inspector Police Second Lieutenant and is associated with the community cell and desk.

Her journey has been full of challenges and struggles but her willpower and sheer strength gave her the courage to keep going and lend a helping hand to the violence-stricken nation.

She has been advocating for the rights of women and empowering them, motivating and leading by example, inspiring others not to hesitate in pursuing their dreams, and garnered international acclaim.

She shared that women from other countries like Tanzania and Zimbabwe etc. are also part of the missions and had to go pass a series of tests to qualify and play an integral role in this noble cause.

These included several handwritten papers, fire and driving tests, computer tests, and a bunch of interviews.

Gul Nisa said that it was her passion that helped her overcome all obstacles in her path and reap the benefits of her tireless efforts and hard work.

She was the sole breadwinner of her family after her father passed away in an electrocution accident and since then started to set goals for herself and slowly but surely managed to achieve them one after the other.

She completed her education and fulfilled her late father’s dream of obtaining a Master’s degree.

Gul Nisa said that hardships and difficulties are a part and parcel of life but the real test begins when you have to fight and face those circumstances head-on, that is the time when one must not lose hope and believe in themselves so one can rise and gain victory.