Top 12 Women Recognized For Highlighting The Importance Of Mental Health

Photo by Markus Frieauff on Unsplash

In modern times almost everyone understands the significance of talking about mental health and these 12 women are contributing to the cause through their efforts and are extremely dedicated to creating spread more awareness amongst the masses.

Aarti Khullar, The Shrink Space

Aarti Khullar is operating a platform called the Shrink Space that provides school going kids easy access to qualified experts and therapists.

It provides assistance to them in dealing with the complications of the healthcare system and aids in handling insurance-related problems so they can get the best cure without having to struggle through such obstacles on their own.

Alexa Brand, Soul Compassion

Alexa Brand who works for Soul Compassion said that she took the positives from her own trauma and used it to shed a positive light on treatment and therapy. She said that her favorite part of the job is to help clients learn to stop blaming themselves and boost their confidence.

Andromeda Peters

Former Miss United States Andromeda Peters who uses her voice to champion mental health has big plans for 2021. She will be working with Mind Matters a non-profit whose goal is to bring resources to African countries and introduce mental health in the school systems all over the continent.

Dara Firoozi, Adarabella 

Dara Firoozi has created a means to manage stress and anxiety through her functional fidget and sensory jewelry. She said that she aims to put an end to the stigma associated with mental health and encourage people to openly talk about their issues and support them in their journey to fighting mental disorders.

Davidra Bazemore Blue, Mental Wealth Services  

Davidra Bazemore Blue and Jasmine Lamitte are both licensed clinical workers and are very dedicated to their respective fields.

Davidra works with leadership teams on how to deal with their peers during chaotic situations and take control of stress factors while Jasmine uses her social media platform to send strong messages on behalf of her department that in order to find a remedy for the brain it is first crucial to mend the heart.

Lucia Huang, Osmind

Owner of Osmind, Lucia Huang, and her company are on a mission to provide advanced methods of treatment to help patients and survivors cope. It builds software to ease the way doctors diagnose their patients and bring an improvement in their practices.

Melissa Barker, Phoenix Project

Founder of Phoenix Project Melissa Barker remarked that our mission is to make sure that every person feels, seen heard, and empowered to continue on their own journey of healing and growth.

Rachel Gurovich, Self-Care Seed Co 

Rachel Gurovich puts to end the stigma that comes with mental health by educating her clients and wants everyone to realize that they may feel isolated but resources do exist that can support them to heal and overcome their mental illnesses.

Riji Raja, Affirmation Darling

Riji Raja who started Affirmation Darling, a wellness brand, has gone through her fair share of skirmishes and said that every time a customer makes a purchase from their store she feels elated and satisfied that there is someone out there whose life is about to change.

Valerie Centeno, Aura Metier

Valerie Centeno is making an impact by bringing old traditional medicine into modern techniques of healing and being understanding of her consumers’ needs.