This Ph.D. Turned Entrepreneur Will Teach You How To Build A Brand Reputation

Photo: izdiharjamil/Instagram

Starting one’s own business can be tricky and be laced with an immense number of challenges. It can prove to be quite an achievement even when the economy is flourishing. But thinking of doing so when the world is going through a pandemic can be an unwise decision especially if they don’t have the required capabilities to create their own startup from scratch.

One of the major problems that entrepreneurs face is creating brand authority i.e. the reputation a brand hold which attracts consumers and aid in customer retention.

Dr. Izdihar Jamil faced the same. Having earned herself a Ph.D. in Computer Science taught and tutored in various research centers before turning towards self-employment after she moved to California.

Being in an unfamiliar environment with kids to look after encouraged her to motivate other women who had no other option but to work from home refine their skills and slowly and gradually build on them to make a living through online means.

She shared that she understands how difficult it is especially for those who are neglected and ignored and represent marginalized communities.

She said that being a Muslim and wearing a hijab meant that people had preconceived notions and misconceptions about me. It took a while for people to listen to her and take her seriously.

She said that there are five crucial factors that will help any organization in building brand authority. In no particular order, they are: focus on building trust, little and often is the best marketing policy, leverage multimedia, let people know who you are, and don’t overthink.

Jamil said that it is very important to understand your customers and their needs. Trust is the foundation of any relationship and giving accurate information to all your clients plays a very significant in maintaining long-term relations with clients.

She added that showing up consistently is important to leave a lasting and strong image of the brand in the customer’s mind which makes them look forward to visiting you.

The entrepreneur also said businesses must come up with appropriate marketing strategies to use the right media to advertise their products and services. Endorsements are vital and give you a chance to stand out which allows you to stay at the top of your customer’s mind more often.