Security Expert Heather Hinton To Work For RingCentral As CISO

Photo by Gabrielle Henderson on Unsplash

RingCentral has offered Security specialist Heather Hinton a position in their company as its Chief Information Security Officer. Before, Heather served in IBM as a qualified engineer brings her expertise from the corporation where she has worked as Vice President with more than 13 years of being appointed at various leadership positions.

She showed her enthusiasm for joining the enterprise by stating that she is ready to assist the company in providing its customers with a reliable and safe platform that supports digital transformation and allows people to work from any place at any time.

Hinton possesses advanced skills in cybersecurity and Information Technology and has had the privilege of leading multiple departments such as sales and support, product design and development, etc. in several well-known institutes.

She has also been shouldered with the responsibility to carry out data center and security operations along with managing incident response activities and mitigating risk.

Vice President Product and Engineering Nat Natarajan on behalf of RingCentral welcomed Miss Heather with open arms and remarked that it looks forward to working with her and what she has to bring to the table.

He added that her ideas tend to work perfectly with our vision and therefore are confident that she will be an incredible addition to the company.

At IBM, Hinton was tasked with overseeing the firm’s compliance issues for its internal and external consumers. She was also given the opportunity to be assigned as Chief Architect for Worldwide Technical Sales and Solutions Group.

Hinton shared that with the concept of the workplace evolving at lightning speed, she feels she must empower clients with innovative solutions that allow them to continue working comfortably without anyone invading their privacy.

Heather said that this is something that has encouraged her to partner with RingCentral. She hopes that her time at the company will be one that she will come to cherish.