Women Take Charge Of KPK’s Constabulary

Photo by Humphrey Muleba on Unsplash

In a historical moment about 4 days ago, the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa successfully managed to appoint its first female District Police Officer. It is not the first time that women have shown such tremendous caliber and posted at high positions.

In recent years many like the 18th-grade officer have managed to make a mark through their sheer strength and grit and emerged victoriously as worthy members of the police and other law enforcement establishments.

They have perfected and polished their skills and grown in their careers by giving outstanding performances and achieving excellence in their respective field.

An example of one such brave individual is Rozia Altaf who is a Deputy Superintendent Police and shouldered the responsibility to oversee and supervise the bold and dauntless Elite Force.

The Elite Force is a division consisting of soldiers who train to fight for the safety of the country by risking their lives in front lines.

Miss Altaf shared that women are allowed to be a part of the team after hours of rigorous training and advanced exercise which defusing bombs, dealing with and countering terrorists, crushing their hideouts, and using heavy ammunition.

Just like her contemporaries, DSP Anila Naaz has shown incredible potential which has led her to become Peshawar’s first female traffic police officer. Her work is a bit complicated however Naaz has put in immense amounts of effort to bring improvement and contribute to a better administration system.

She is carrying out her duties with great zeal and enthusiasm. Naaz has been spreading awareness about traffic rules and regulations, consequences of their violation and penalties, etc. She wishes to educate the people so that they have an understanding of how to follow them and encourage others to do the same.

Other ladies who are leading by example include big names like Commando Gul Sana from Tank and ASI Saima Sharif for being a part of the honorable and prestigious peace core, a branch of the United Nations where they are doing a splendid job of representing their country with pride and prestige.