Helen Ward Plans To Retire From Non-Elite Football


Welsh athlete Helen Ward has made up her mind to retire from non-elite football. The decision comes after the UK faces a tremendous rise in Coronavirus cases resulting in a 3rd lockdown in the country.

All forms of such activities have been put to a halt as health and safety precautions are put into place to deal with the new variant and control the escalating number of patients.

In a televised broadcast Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that the nation will be entering into level 5 from level 4 of the pandemic and advised the people to stay at home and prioritize their well-being.

Protocols are being set in place to take control of the situation and avoid the health system from completely collapsing.

The Football Federation announced that tier 3-7 of women’s football have been closed and stand still until further notice.

Regarding the prevailing scenario, Helen tweeted that it is an extremely daunting and taxing task to look after the children and simultaneously train to keep herself fit. Both require attention and dedication.

She feels that if the current situation remains the same then it would be impossible to carry out the same routine and is therefore thinking of retiring.

Grass root level matches have been suspended while big championships like The Premier League will be held under strict guidelines and supervision.

However, the conditions in Scotland are slightly different as it has decided to issue a curfew instead of implementing full-time confinement.