Entrepreneur Tabitha Sewer Amazes World With Her Passion For Fashion

Entrepreneur Tabitha Sewer Amazes with Her Passion For Fashion

Hailing from the city of Williamsburg, businesswoman Tabitha Sewer is living the dream of launching her own brand that focuses on her sewing and designing skills.

She believes that basic tailoring and mending is a necessary skill that everyone should possess and must be passed down to future generations.

Her talents come from her mother who is very good at stitching herself and started teaching her daughter at a very young age. Tabitha added that what started as a hobby turned into a full-time job and she ended up introducing her very own clothing line.

In February, she launched a variety of colorful and cute little buttons which she sold on her website and soon became a customer favorite.

Her collection includes an array of items such as hats, accessories, buckles, garments, and patterns. She also finds expensive designer clothes and turns them into cheaper yet quality versions which are less costly and can simply and easily be made by anyone.

Tabitha has around 4,7000+ followers on her Instagram account from various countries around the world and posts content that involves videos and pictures on a daily basis.

Wanting to expand her little venture, Sewer decided to partner with Brother USA which encourages unique and innovative ideas like Tabitha’s and provides support to promote their cause.

Sewer shared that a lot of people think of embroidering and piecing cloth together as outdated however the current trend is changing and many are showing a keen interest in bringing it back. She said that crafting at home brings joy and comfort and helps in diverting one’s mind towards positive things.

Besides fulfilling her desires and wishes, the mother of two also holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in business administration and has served in the United States Army for more than a decade.