Manushi Chhillar Join Hands With UN To Empower Women

Manushi Chillar Join Hand With UN To Empower Women

Violence against females is one of the most pressing and important issues the world is facing. Regardless of race, ethnicity, or religion young girls and older women alike are mistreated, taken advantage of, and victimized.

To put a stop to such horrendous acts, The United Nations Women division is partnering with Miss Universe 2017 Manushi Chhillar to fight against abuse and advocate for women’s rights all over the world.

Chhillar will be working with the organization for an initiative called “OrangeTheWorld” to encourage women to stand up against violence, share their stories, and fight against the oppressive behavior that is exhibited towards them.

The campaign’s goal is to rid the world of all forms of cruelty and stand united to build a brighter future for everyone.

She said that it breaks her heart to know that most women feel insecure and are always worried about their safety. They are constantly judged and scrutinized for their actions and not given the same opportunities as the opposite gender.

She added that if women want to bring a change they need to speak up for themselves and be supportive of others who are targeted and are suffering.

The 23 year feels that the rise in the number of cases being reported is specifically due to the lockdown but as we fight against the pandemic we must also work to create an environment where women are free to do as they please and not live in fear.

She hopes that the cause will be successful in what it aims to achieve and is honored to be a part of it.

On the work front, Manushi is soon to debut in a YRF film with actor Akshay Kumar called “Prithviraj” in which she shall play the role of Sanyogita.