Emma Alam Wins 29th World Memory Championship

Emma Alam Wins 29th World Memory Championship
Photo by ALAN DE LA CRUZ on Unsplash

Emma Alam became the World Memory Champion for the year 2020, managing to smash multiple historical records with partner Syeda Kisa Zehra.

More than 300 individuals from various countries like China, Hong Kong, the United States, Canada, Australia, Qatar, Taiwan, Libya, Malaysia, Vietnam, and the United Kingdom, etc. participated in the competition.

The event lasted for a total of three days. Representing Pakistan, Alam and Zehra took part in 10 disciplines and gave an exceptional performance.

The World Memory Championship has been organized at several remarkable venues across the globe such as Olympia, Bahrain, The Royal Festival Hall, Singapore, Oxford University, Shenzhen, and Imperial College London.

Each year participants with the best, sharpest and fastest memory compete against each other to showcase their cognitive skills and exhibit their talent to the world showcasing all the amazing things a human brain is capable of doing.

Congratulating the young winner, President Raymond Keene remarked that a unique heroine and woman of strength and valor especially in these tumultuous times has served as a role model for many and continues to be a source of motivation for others with similar dreams and wishes like her.

Rejoicing, celebrating, and sharing her wonderful experience Emma said that it felt amazing when they announced my name and called me up on the stage to hold the trophy.

She added that she constantly trained for about 2 years and had it in the back of her mind that no matter what happens she will not give up and give it her best shot.

She said that now that I have the prize in my hand, it seems that all the hard work and earnest efforts have finally paid off.

Alam said that it is very fascinating to see how the mind works and how much it can store and is something that excites her very much.

She said, The idea is thrilling and something worth exploring.”
Besides the WC, Alam has exhibited her abilities in many contests and is under training at the Institute of Human Memory Development International.

Along with praise, she has received different honors and awards for superbly executing her talents and is currently devoting all of her time to complete her education.