Jill Biden Strongly Reacts To A Demeaning Op-Ed Page


Jill Biden is all for women’s rights and in a recent answer to a degrading column in an opposite of the editorial page section of “Wall Street Journal”, she spoke in favor of appreciating females for their accomplishments rather than demotivating and humiliating them for their rigorous efforts and hard work. 

Biden gave it back in style and used her Twitter platform to share, “Together we will build a world where the achievements of our daughters will be celebrated rather than diminished.”

In the publication former English teacher, Joseph Epstein made a mockery out of the first lady’s Ph.D. degree and said, “A wise man once said that no one should call himself ‘Dr.’ unless he has delivered a child.”

The man didn’t just stop there and continued to be condescending telling her to let go of the “Dr.” from the name and referred to her as kiddo on multiple occasions. He went on to debate that her title has a touch of comic sense and labeled it as duplicitous.

Hillary Clinton came out in support of Jill and remarked, “Her name is Dr. Jill Biden. Get used to it.”

Kamala Harris’s spouse Douglas Emhoff added that Dr. Biden has earned that doctorate from the University of Delaware with zeal and pure dedication.

She has inspired millions and is a role model for her students. If this were a man such vile things would not have made it to the paper.

Many thought of Epstein’s comments as rude, sexist and laced with misogyny. Communication Director Kate Bedingfield under the present administration said, “What patronizing and elitist drivel. Dr. B earned a doctorate in education, so we call her Doctor. The title Mr. Epstein has earned here is perhaps not fit for mixed company.”

Others voiced out that the writer’s views are very disgusting and extremely backward in nature and that such mindsets needs to be fixed by giving befitting replies which can only be done by standing up for various causes that not only champion for favoritism free opportunities but also respect and honor women as an equal and integral part of the society.

Biden is ready to take on the challenge of making some very significant and necessary changes to the lives of American citizens.

During her time serving the nation, she plans to focus her official work on education and community college, fighting for the rights of military families and veterans, and carrying out extensive research on cancer.

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