Youth Mentor Caren Wakoli Is Using Her Voice To Get Rid Of Poverty

Photo by Christina @ on Unsplash

Caren Wakoli has taken it upon her young shoulders to direct and guide the current generation to aid in ridding the world of poverty and improve living standards. This ambitious woman has managed to become a certified life coach and is an active advocate of good governance and integrity.

Prior to mentoring youth, Wakoli used to work as a journalist but quit when she realized that her biggest dream is to empower power from all age groups and support them through all of their endeavors.

Caren who has about seventeen years of experience is the only African to have been acknowledged by Barack Obama during his presidency for her tireless efforts.

Praising her he said that he is extremely proud to know that people like her working towards a brighter and better world for themselves and in the process are encouraging others to do the same.

Celebrating her achievements he added that it always a pleasure to come across such amazing people who are championing for such honorable causes and are taking an initiative to raise their voice and speak up for themselves.

Caren shared that she feels elated to know that what started as a mere ambition, a far-fetched dream has slowly and gradually turned into reality.

She said that nothing makes me happier to know that the youth stands strong and united in creating a future where no one shall have to suffer just because they don’t have enough money to pay for basic necessities.

She believes that adolescence is that one significant stage in everyone’s life where they want to bring a change and make a difference for themselves therefore working with people who have this sort of fire in them helps in building a strong foundation for their career and the contributions they make towards the community and ultimately to the nation.

Caren has had the privilege of working with some of the most prestigious and honorable organizations in Africa which not only added to her knowledge but also exposed her various kinds of high-level leadership for which she polished had to polish on her existing skills along with learning some new ones.

An important message Wakoli gave is that people believe that to accomplish their goals, they need to patiently wait for the right place and the right time for things to unfold and fall into place however this is not the case.

She says that throughout her years of working she has learned that there is no perfect time, the time is here and now, one push is all it takes the rest just simply follows.