Ruby Clay Vows To Empower And Educate Young Girls

Photo by fotografierende on Unsplash

Ruby Clay is making efforts to become the mentor of young girls. It is Clay’s passion to empower and educate girls so they can build a brighter and secure future for themselves.

Prior to the lockdown and spread of COVID-19, she used to host meetings with students from middle to high school and share her experiences of being racially discriminated against, struggling to make ends meet, and face life as it continuously threw challenges one day at a time at her.

She said that she shared her stories with the children so that they could learn from her and not only listen to what she had and follow her advice but also be heard.

She would encourage them to voice their feelings and emotions and encourage them to participate so she comes to know what challenges they face on daily basis and help them in the best and most appropriate way possible.

As a single parent, having two beautiful daughters it was hard and tough to make a living and look after her children however she found it in herself to never give up or lose hope. It was through sheer courage that she was able to put herself through college, all while facing a domestic violence situation.

Ruby said that growing up she faced a lot of problems and constantly needed someone to guide her therefore she wants to be the support she never had for others like her and turn them into confident, independent women.

In the beginning, her goal was to counsel kids from grade 5 up to graduation and set them up for college scholarships. However, after a heartbreaking conversation with the children from one of her meetings, she realized talking is essential but it is not enough.

She needs to make all these black kids that looked up to her believe that they are valued, they are gifted to make a difference. She said, “If they can see that they are amazing human beings with hearts to serve, they could be the change.”

Clay says that despite the difficulties she will continue on this path that she has chosen for herself and continue on this journey of breaking barriers, battling prejudice, fighting for their rights and ask for equal opportunities for all black women from all walks of life.