Angel Lama To Become First Transwoman To Make It To Nepal’s Beauty Pageant Final

Angel Lama To Become First Transwoman To Make It To Nepal’s Beauty Pageant Finals

Angel Lama sashays is all set to write history as she becomes the first transwoman to catwalk her way to the Miss Universe Nepal finals this Wednesday. Lama is the first to be representing her community on such a large platform and grace the event with her presence.

A large group of Hindu-Nepali’s have become more accepting towards LGBTQ+ members and are putting efforts to be accommodating and welcoming towards them.

The country has abolished rules that were made against them and have made new laws that speak about their rights and contribute to offering them equal opportunities.

This year the management took it upon themselves to relax the criteria, bent the rules of participation stating that the only thing they are looking for is bold, confident, and beautiful women from the age of 18-28 to showcase themselves, their talents, and their abilities.

The organizers said that they hope to eliminate discrimination by encouraging diverse backgrounds and all kinds of sexual orientations. It added, “If they say they are women, they are women, and they should be treated like women.”

Sharing her experience of coming out of the closet she said that it was not easy. Lama explained that it took a lot of courage to come out to her parents but once she did they embraced it, respected her choices, and supported her every step of the way.

All the 18 finalists will compete for one last time wearing swimsuits and elegant ball-gowns which shall be broadcasted live across the globe.

Nepal is one of the very few countries in the world that allows transwomen to register for the event but Lama says that it will be a proud moment for her and eagerly anticipating to step on the stage and hopefully make a mark and leave an impression that will be etched in the viewers’ memories for a very long time.