Lori Loughlin Released From Jail After Serving 2 Months


American star Lori Loughlin has been freed from prison after being sentenced to 2 months on the charge of using illegal means to get her daughters to the University of Southern California.

In May, the actress pleaded guilty to the charges and confessed in front of the court that she paid a hefty amount of U.S$500,000 to the people behind the fraudulent planning and plotting.

As a consequence of her actions, she began doing time in the month of October after admitting that she did play a role in the conspiracy and mislead the faculty and other relevant parties by providing wrong and false information.

The American actress is best known for her performance in “Full House” was also suspected of using unfair methods with full knowledge and did so willingly without any sort of coercion or duress.

Both the daughters got their admissions canceled and were kicked out of the school as soon as news of the scandal broke and made headlines. The university confirmed that the girls are no longer studying in Southern California.

The court has ordered Loughlin to complete 100 hours of community service and she is under 2 years of supervised release to completely clear her name.

Addressing the media Lori told that she is ready to take the punishment and will abide by whatever the law had decided for her. She said, “I can only take responsibility and move forward.”

She added that she is ashamed of her action and was just trying to help her daughters get a good education but did not realize that while doing so she was undermining her children’s talents and capabilities.

Explaining her wrong-doings Loughlin said, “I went along with a plan to give my daughters an unfair advantage. In doing so I ignored my intuition and allowed myself to be swayed from my moral compass.”

Lori said that she wishes that she could back in time and undo her misdeeds but unfortunately that is not possible and the only thing that she can do now moves past this incident and make amends.

In the end, she concluded by saying that she is extremely sorry and apologized for snatching someone else’s right to be admitted to the college on the basis of merit.