Eight Pakistani Women Make It To The List of 100 Most Influential Nurses and Midwives

Photo by Bofu Shaw on Unsplash

The World Health Organization ends the year by celebrating and appreciating the efforts of nurses and midwives across the globe for lending their services, fighting tough situations on a daily basis, and overcoming obstacles, especially during these tumultuous, pandemic-stricken times.

It has selected individuals from 43 countries and released a list of the 100 most influential nurses and midwives honoring them and their achievements. A part of this honorable list is eight women from Pakistan all of whom are either serving or have studied and graduated from Aga Khan University’s School of Nursing and Midwifery.

The Dean Dr. Rozina Karmaliani expressed her gratitude by saying that it is truly an honor to be acknowledged and recognized by the international community.

She said that this year has been particularly harsh on the healthcare sector because of the spread of COVID-19 and the prevailing conditions across the world.

However, she feels proud that physicians and nurses alike have shown immense strength and risen to the challenge. They have not lost hope and continued to courageously fight on the front lines day and night.

She added that she is extremely thankful to the government for its support and contribution to nursing and midwife education, practice and research.

She said that there is no better time than this to applaud the work that they do and take into consideration the vital and critical role they play in creating a more resilient and stable system.

Marina Baig is a midwife who has been appreciated for investing and providing health technology for smoother and safer deliveries in rural areas and has aided in improving maternal outcomes.

Saima Sachwani’s participation in developing a productive nursing schedule has been noticed and praised by multiple organizations. Saima says that her goal is to instill all the necessary skills and techniques in her students and impart them with quality education.

Dr. Sheila Hirani has been recognized for promoting breastfeeding during the pandemic and campaigning to protect infants.

Sadaf Saleem Murad has made several contributions to the field of gerontology. Neelam Pujani was nominated under the category of Community Hero for paving ways to freely exercise sexual and reproductive rights.

Other names on the list include staff members Yasmin Parpio and Samina Vertejee for spreading awareness and educating the elderly on how to improve their well-being.