Jayoti Vidyapeeth Introduce Program To Educate Women About Their Rights

Photo by Humphrey Muleba on Unsplash

In today’s day and age, women empowerment is the most talked about issues in the world and is discussed almost on every forum. Several initiatives have been taken to spread awareness not only national but also internationally by countries across the globe and campaigns have been launched to encourage individuals from all walks of life to actively participate and advocate for the cause.

From schools and colleges to universities and organizations everyone is trying to play their role and to do their part however more is being said than done and a lot more action is required than is currently being portrayed.

India has been taking matters into its hands and is putting in efforts to keep challenging the system to provide for a safe and secure future for women. One such example is Jayoti Vidyapeeth located in the heart of Rajasthan Jaipur has dedicated its educational system to confront and overcome problems faced by women on a daily basis.

The university has come up with programs that will aid in boosting confidence in its students and nurture them to grow into strong independent women. It stands out from its contemporaries as it seeks to push boundaries and come up with ways that will create a positive impact.

It has started by making it compulsory for students from all departments to take Women’s Rights and Law as a compulsory subject irrelevant of the courses they are already taking or the field they have chosen for themselves.

The course covers every aspect starting from dowry and divorce to domestic violence and marriage etc. The course is very extensive and talks about the Indian Constitutions along with the Indian Penal Code for a felony, misdemeanor and criminal activities.

Jayoti Vidyapeeth believes that it is extremely important for women to take this course and learn from it so they can play a critical role in the development of society and becoming productive citizens of their country.

The university wants every woman to have complete knowledge about her rights and obligations because until and unless she knows she cannot put up a strong fight against unjust and unfair acts posed against her.

The university aims to continue on this mission and create a platform where women where they can fulfill all their hopes and dreams and aspire to groom and grow.