Duke University Postpones All Female Basketball Games

Duke University Postpones All Female Basketball Games
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The season came to end a lot sooner than anticipated for Duke’s women’s basketball team. In light of the given COVID-19 situation, all matches have been rescheduled or canceled. Prior to this two individuals had already tested positive and since then activities for the athletes have come to a complete halt.

The students have decided to keep safety first and the staff is in complete support of this announcement said the Chief Communication Officer, Michael Schoenfeld. He further added that we respect our players’ choices and prioritize their health and well-being over anything else.

He also stated that the university will continue to organize matches for all other games played on campus and simultaneously ask everyone to adhere to safety protocols set out of sincere concern for the students so that can compete in a safe and secure environment.

He disclosed that all relevant individuals are regularly tested and seek aid from medical experts if and when required.

Meanwhile, The Blue Devils i.e. the men’s team will keep playing games against Miami and Wilmington. The matches will take place as planned will strictly follow all policies and protocols due to the prevailing circumstances.

However, Mike Krzyzewski coach of the men’s team questioned why the sport is even being played amidst the pandemic. He said that millions of cases are being reported on a daily basis, the current scenario is extremely bad, and instead of thinking ahead and re-analyzing the situation we are asking students to participate and remain to be on the same track.

He emphasized that we really need to reassess the situation and come up with some sort of alternative.

Despite taking precautions and preventive measures, many teams have been put on pause and have been asked to avoid contact so that they don’t get infected and remain fit putting their health in harm’s way.