Meet The Most Influential Women In Technology Sector

Photo by Christina @ on Unsplash

In its most recent issue, Insight has published its list of top ten most influential women in technology and goes on to appreciate their contributions in the field and praises them for making significant changes to ways in which technology shall be used in the future.

This is the 8th time the magazine has featured women who have inspired and encouraged other females to follow and bring more creativity to the table.

It also talks about diverse perspectives and people from different backgrounds working under the same roof to come up with innovative solutions to complex problems.

Albane Bruyas, COO of Scaleway

The first woman mentioned is the named Executive of the Month is the COO of Scaleway, Albane Bruyas. She is tasked with the duty of looking after global operations and leads Corporate Social Responsibility Projects in her company.

Sofia Rufin, CEO of 5Discovery Virtual Learning

The second lady to make it to the list is Sofia Rufin who is the CEO of 5Discovery Virtual Learning and has vast amounts of experience working for the IT sector. She has a lot of knowledge about software companies and manages their marketing and strategies.

Aigul Tokayeva, Hi-Tech Intelligent Services

Rufin is followed by Aigul Tokayeva who is the Founder of Hi-Tech Intelligent Services and the voice of the company as nothing happens without her consent. The last and final decision is hers and holds first priority. Prior to establishing her own company, Tokayeva used to work for a well-known pipe technology company in Kazakhstan. 

Brittany Fox, Managing Partner and Owner of Focus GTS

4th on the list is Brittany Fox who is the Managing Partner and Owner of Focus GTS and is responsible for supervising the company’s day to day tasks as well as hiring new professionals for its IT department. Before finding Focus GTS, Fox was a real estate agent and used to work in New York selling luxury homes.

Junel Oberholzer, Chief Customer Officer at Zoovu

The fifth lady making it the list is Junel Oberholzer who deals with clients at Zoovu and is has dedicated her efforts towards ensuring that the customer’s needs are taken care of and their requirements are fulfilled so that they continue to shop from Zoovu and become the company’s loyal customers.

Kimberly O’Loughlin, CEO of Therapy Brands

6th on the list is Kimberly O’Loughlin who has earned herself a postgraduate degree in business and computer sciences. Kimberly is the CEO of Therapy Brands. She is followed by Lisa Lyon and Ritu Jyoti who made several IT developments and received lots of success in introducing new frontiers of knowledge.

Caitlin Smallwood, VP, Data Science and Engineering at Netflix

The last woman on the list is Caitlin Smallwood who is appointed as Netflix’s Data Science and Analytics VP and has a sharp grip on algorithms and measurements etc.

All the above-mentioned women are true role models for young girls who are leading by example and doing incredibly well for themselves in their respective fields.