Iggy Azalea Bashes Playboi Carti For Not Spending Christmas With Son

Iggy Azalea Bashes Playboi Carti For Not Spending Christmas With Son

Iggy Azalea has called out ex-partner Playboi Carti for not inviting the singer and their son Onyx to spend Christmas. The couple split after the 30-year-old gave birth in April but it seems like co-parenting has not been easy.

The two first started going out in 2018 and lived together for several months before separating.

She expressed her disappointment through her Twitter account writing that she would never do something like not involving the rapper on a special occasion that involved their son. I would want my child’s father to be there for his achievements and triumphs.

Azalea has also accused the rapper of cheating on her and parting with his mistress and hanging out with her instead of trying to make an effort and building a relationship with his son.

She called him names and abused him for leaving her during her hardest time and staying quiet for the longest time but commented that she has had it.

She said, “You hid in a whole closet from my house keeper so it’s not like you have any dignity I guess.” Azalea continued by saying that she heartbroken and wishes to know how one lies on your face and then get away with it without any feelings of shame or remorse.

She also revealed that her ex-boyfriend asked her to have a child and literally begged her. He came to her house and told her that he loved her and has the audacity to mistreat her.

She has been hiding all his cheating scandals, fixing things between them but clearly, the guy is not interested in making amends.

Iggy posted a picture of her son wishing everyone a very happy Christmas and exhibiting how much she adores her son who is the only person who will make her smile wide and bring joy to her.