Here’s How Entrepreneur Rohrer Phillips Inspiring Women To Continue Their Business Amid Pandemic

Photo by Benjamin Dada on Unsplash

Entrepreneur Rohrer Phillips is changing how she handles business. These tumultuous times have ceased systems and have had a huge impact on everyone in their own way but nothing is stopping Phillips, not even the pandemic.

Shifting from face-to-face meetings to virtual chats has been difficult but with the help of online communication channels, she has managed to keep her company up and running.

At the beginning of the year, Rohrer was tasked with hosting a summit that brought big names like soccer star Abby Wambach to speak at the event. However, 2020 had something else in store: The Pandemic after which all social gatherings were canceled and things started to go downhill.

When it became evident that the situation will not be improving anytime soon and it is impossible to meet people, instead of losing hope just like everyone else Phillips decided to adjust and step into the digital world.

She started working on ways to conduct an online summit using state of the art technology that would aid her in accomplishing the same impact as her previous gatherings.

She was aware that Zoom meetings bored people, they tired and exhausted them so she chose a different approach. She looked for multiple options and came across NexTech AR Solutions. It is an innovative digital space that allows users to create video presentations and offers interactive vendor booths.

One of her other concerns was generating revenue for her firm. She wanted to do something that would not only include organizing summits that would talk about social issues but also hold meaning and most importantly bring in the money because at the end of the day it is still a business and the ultimate goal of any business is to make a profit.

During this time the George Floyd incident happened and racial discrimination was on the rise. Phillips took the opportunity and planned accordingly. She and her team then launched its first virtual course regarding white racial identity and responsibility.

Being married to a Black man and coming from a biracial family herself, Rohrer knew the importance of the session more than anyone else. The main purpose of the class was to raise awareness and talk about diversity and equal human rights for all no matter what class creed or ethnicity they belonged to.

Rohrer’s wise ideas not only managed to help her in bringing the company back on its feet and a lot more stable in terms of revenues and finances.