Another Afghani Women’s Right Activist Killed in Broad-Daylight

Photo by Suhyeon Choi on Unsplash

Freshta Kohistani, an activist who advocated for the rights of women was murdered in Kabul. Men on motorbikes, armed with guns, shot the 29-year-old and her brother on-site and immediately escaped the scene of the crime.

Abdul Lateef Murad, Provincial Governor of Kapisa disclosed that the manslaughter took place near her abode but no groups have come forward to claim the attack.

In a wave of murders in Kabul, Kohistani is the second victim of these merciless killings. In recent weeks distinguished Afghans have been targeted and then killed on sight. It is now an everyday occurrence where at least 2-3 prominent figures are brutally slaughtered.

The identity of these murderers remains unknown however a similar pattern of killings has been identified. Authorities have been directed to take necessary measures and take complete control of the prevailing situation as soon as possible.

It was also revealed that in fear of her life Kohistani had asked for protection through her Facebook account and appealed for her safety. She had been receiving continuous threats from anonymous individuals for the past few days and was concerned about her security. She had no hope that she would live to see another day.

She condemned the murders of journalists and other eminent leaders and pleaded for help. Expressing her outrage she said that this country is not a place to live and the next time you go to the tailor ask him to take measurements for a burial shroud because you may never know you might be next.

She did not believe her fellow brothers and sisters would ever get to live in peace without having to hear the sound of gunshots or the cries of those who have lost those near and dear to them in this endless streak of assassinations.

Kohistani was a fighter and was popular on social media. She had a large number of followers and was known for speaking equal opportunities for females. She wanted to inspire women of all ages to take a stand for themselves so they built a better future for themselves.