Swabi Women University To Have First Women IT Park

Swabi Women University To Have First Women IT Park
Photo by Susan Yin on Unsplash

Kamran Khan Bangash, Special Assistant to the Chief Minister, Higher Education, and Information addressing his audience on Wednesday, stated that he plans to launch an IT Park facilitating women studying at the Women University Swabi.

The decision was disclosed at a training workshop on associate degrees offered on campus and took place over a period of 2 days.

He remarked, “We want to promote soft skills and skill-based programs among our youth.” He added that modern times call for modern education systems and for that we will have to look for advanced facilities and provide them to our students so that can become improve their learning and enhance their knowledge.

It will give them the chance to polish their skills and contribute by becoming more productive citizens of society.

He emphasized the importance of involving universities and other academic institutions in establishing guidelines and making policies for secondary education and above.

He urged that it is crucial to work in collaboration in order to increase the chances of success and create a brighter future for the youth of the country.

Mr. Bangash shared that today’s generation has lost their interest in books and use alternatives to gain knowledge. He stated that Peshawar has a population of 6 million out of which a mere 25,00 people are registered at the city’s central library.

He said that it the responsibility of the university to come up with schemes that will encourage students to develop a habit of reading.

He said that the students of Peshawar have immense talent, the only thing they require is guidance and direction so that they tap on their discovered undiscovered potential and fully reap from its benefits.

In the end, he appreciated the vice chancellor’s vision and mission and applauded for her ideas of introducing modern-day teaching disciplines rather than conventional ones to empower women and turn them into confident individuals who can walk shoulder to shoulder with men and compete in every field of life.