Shelley Kerr Will No Longer Lead Scotland’s Women’s Team

Shelley Kerr Will No Longer Lead Scotland’s Women’s Team
Photo by Wesley Tingey on Unsplash

After being kicked out of the race for the Euro 2022 tournament, Shelly Kerr has resigned from her position as coach of Scotland’s Women’s Team. This comes days after the players lost in a match against Finland dismissing, any chances of them playing in the finals.

Expressing her disappointment Kerr said that she is saddened by the fact that they could not make it to the end of the competition and emerge victoriously. Nonetheless, she is proud of her team who has worked incredibly hard to come this far and has no regrets.

Stepping down from the position, Shelley said that she feels that it is the right time to turn the next pages of her life and open new doors that will lead towards better opportunities to learn and grow from. Previously, she has managed teams like Arsenal and has also worked with Sterling University

She added that she had a memorable time with the athletes and is now excited to embark on another journey that shall be filled with amazing experiences.

Ian Maxwell, Chief of Scottish Football Association said that they did not anticipate that the season will end so soon and believe that this is the perfect time for Kerr to seek her ambitions and fulfill her dreams. They also feel that this decision will also help the team to make necessary changes and improve in time for the World Cup qualifiers.

Praising her coaching capabilities the Association said that Kerr’s skills and expertise helped in guiding the team in right direction and aided in showcasing their talent to the world.

Shelley expressed that she is extremely thankful to the Association for supporting her every step of the way and is extremely humbled to have played such a significant role in her country’s football history.