Tayshia Adams Gets Candid About The Man Of Her Dreams


The American TV personality Tayshia Adams recently sat down for an interview where she openly talked about fiancé Zac Clark. The lovely couple got engaged on Tuesday night. The two participated in the 23rd season of ‘The Bachelorette’ where they got to know each other and fell in love.

They exchanged rings on the show’s finale episode and promised to hold each other’s hand forever. Tayshia shared that if anyone told her that she would find the guy she was looking for all her life at the end of 2020 she would have laughed it off.

She added that she can’t wait to go on a new journey with her prince charming since Zac has everything she ever looked for in her partner. The 30-year-old went on to say that she always felt a spark between her and 36-year-old Clark, and slowly started to get attracted to one another.

They would enjoy each other’s company and would have long conversations about almost anything. Since the beginning, Zac managed to hold a special place in Tayshia’s heart.

He would go the extra mile and be nice to her. His sweet gestures spread a different kind of warmth inside her and she started to have a soft corner for him.

Reality star Patti Singer congratulated Adams on her victory and tweeted, “Really happy for @tayshia, she chose well. A man who shows love as he did is a keeper.”

Tayshia also disclosed that what intrigued her about Zac was his level of maturity and how he thought. It made her curious and excited both at the same time.

She thought that it was very considerate of Clark to throw the coin in the fountain for her on the very first day. Tayshia remarked, “I was touched.”

Zac also talked about his impression of Adams and said that the room lit up when she walked in and he could immediately sense the charisma that surrounded her.

Despite shooting in a strict environment due to the pandemic everything fell in place and there onwards everything went right. Tayshia ended by saying that she did not expect a proposal and was pleasantly taken aback by the wonderful surprise.

Remembering the moment Adams said that it went by in a haze things were passing by so quickly but now she vividly remembers how Zac went on his knees and slipped the ring on her finger vowing to be hers now and forever.

She ended by saying that she can’t thank the audience enough for all the support and is very grateful to the channel for offering her to appear on the show.