Caitlin Clark Makes First Triple-Double Record

Caitlin Clark Makes First Triple-Double Record

Caitlin Clark adds another feather to her cap of accomplishments as she breaks the record after scoring her first triple-double during a game against Western Illinois.

This makes Clark the second athlete to do so after Sam Logic in 2015. The Iowa Guard celebrated the feat with her team after defeating the Cyclones 82-80 in a match that took place on Wednesday.

For the fans, it was a sight for sore eyes and a memory they shall cherish for a lifetime. Caitlin managed to complete her triple-double with an assist to junior forward Logan Cook and 13 rebounds in hand.

Clark shared that she did not feel that she was very well during the game and could see her confidence dropping. She added that she had planned to help other players score some baskets, get them to remain focused, have their eyes set on the prize, and bag another victory.

Head Coach, Lisa Bluder praised the freshman saying that triple-doubles do not happen often so I’m happy that she participated and wonderfully played her part.

She added, “I think she knew she could get it. She has high goals and high expectations for herself like champions do, and she fulfilled it.”

Clark did make enough accurate shoots so started on a low but managed to score about 6 out of the 7 attempts she made from the free-throw line.

The Hawkeyes were thrilled to defeat their opponents and showed much excitement. They firmly believe that the season is Iowa’s to take. They will but have to work on their defensive strategies and how they move on the court if they want the Leathernecks to stay behind and remain at the top.

The current stats suggest that the Hawkeyes can still bring it home if they continue to perform well at all of their Ten Big Games.

They have their next match against Rutgers on New Year’s Eve which will be broadcasted live. The team promises to train hard and put on an exciting show for all sports enthusiasts.