Alex Padilla Will Take Kamala Harris’s Seat In U.S Senate

Alex Padilla Will Take Kamala Harris’s Seat In U.S Senate

Governor of California Gavin Newsom has picked Alex Padilla to replace Kamala Harris’s place in the US Senate and be shouldered with the responsibility to take charge of the position for the remaining time. He will be carrying out his duties until the term ends in the year 2022.

He is a close acquaintance of the Governor and is the first Latin American to be appointed for the job. He took a pledge for office promising to work for the betterment of the state and uplift the well-being of its residents. He vowed to honor the faith that the people have put in him and will try his hardest not to break their trust.

Being Mexican and someone who had to leave home to settle in a foreign country, Padilla understands what it means for an immigrant to struggle, to make a living and have warm food on the table every day. He said, “We will get through this pandemic together and rebuild our economy in a way that doesn’t leave working families behind.”

He assured small businesses that they are not forgotten and their issues shall be addressed. He also talked about providing relief to physicians and all other medical personnel.

Gavin Newsom commented, “His nomination will make history. But the @AlexPadilla4CA is far more interested in changing history. I can think of no better person to represent us.”

Having grown up in a poor community where street crimes and gang wars were routine and coming from a very modest background Newsom is confident that Padilla will excel. He remarked, “His tenacity, grit, and integrity will put up a strong fight in DC and ensure that we get the resources that we need to rise from the destructive after-effects of the pandemic.

Kamala Harris congratulated her friend and shared that she stands in support of Padilla and believes that he will champion his way towards bringing growth and stability in the region.