Pakistani Activist Karima Baloch Found Dead In Canada

Photo by David von Diemar on Unsplash

Originally from Pakistan, reformer Karima Baloch was found dead in the city of Toronto after a missing case had been filed on the eve of Sunday. Later the police reported a body that turned out to be hers and informed the relatives.

The 37-year-old belonged from a geographically located western province of Balochistan and was extremely vocal about Pakistan’s military and state. She had been living in exile for the past 5 years but still campaigned for the people of Balochistan and their basic human rights.

She managed to secure a spot in BBC’s 100 most influential and inspirational women‘s annual list for her dedication and tireless efforts. Despite leaving her homeland she continued to raise awareness.

Karima first came to know about the problems her province faced in 2005 and closely experienced it when people from her region gone missing including some of her acquaintances. As the years passed by things took a turn for the worst when two of her uncles disappeared and were brutally killed.

After allegations of terrorism were thrown at Karima she decided to leave the country and came to Canada where nothing held her back and she could freely express herself. She met and wed peer Hamad Baloch and used the online platform to speak up and decided to work harder than ever before.

Friend Lateef Johar shared that Karima recently started to receive threat calls and her life was indeed in danger. Anonymous people warned her saying that they’ll teach her a lesson if she does not stop.

Her sister said Karima did not go abroad to find an escape from the accusation made at her but it was because being candid had become next to impossible. She added that the family and the entire Baloch Movement mourns this tragic loss which has announced a 40 day grief period.

The Toronto police issued a statement that they have not found any dubious activity.