Jessica Alba Shares New Perspective On Health And Fitness

Jessica Alba Shares New Perspective On Health And Fitness

American actress Jessica Alba shed some light on how the meaning of health and fitness has changed for her during these tumultuous times. Owner of Honest Company, managing a total of one-ninety employees is no easy feat but Alba is determined to provide its customers with organic and quality products.

Because of the Lockdown Jessica has been conducting meetings from home specifically from her closet where she feels she can focus more without having her kids fussing around and making noise. She said, “I don’t need to hear my kids and they don’t need to hear me. Total Privacy.”

The place has a huge and comfy beige armchair that is placed near some glass doors. Jessica explained that the room gives her the space to work with some peace and quiet.

Jessica further added that previously she used to push herself to work and aim for perfection. She would get anxious and wake up in the middle of the night thinking about the agenda for the day while the constant planning kept her up resulting in sleepless nights and restlessness.

Jessica said, “It all stays in this brain, and it’s really hard to shut off. I think that’s common, especially for women. And it’s just not okay.” The year has taught many lessons to us all and she too feels that one needs to introspect and take life in strides.

Not everything needs to be rushed. One can stop to smell the flowers or enjoy a tacos meal with a relaxing glass of tequila. It has been a tough ride but the biggest takeaway for her from 2020 is that “it’s okay if all of your needs don’t fit into a tidy box.”

Since the very beginning, Alba has wanted the company to make a name for itself and become the leading brand offering non-toxic beauty items. Just like every other entrepreneur, she wanted the business to flourish and be a source of positivity, something to be reckoned with but the struggle was real.

She remarked that she has begun to embrace mistakes and learn from them. Alba does not mind if they occur however not letting them bother you too much is the key to success.  She believes, “real joy comes from the moments when, you know, we’re playing a game with the kids at dinner or from our family walks. “

She has started to take out time to take care of herself and coming up with a morning routine that keeps her healthy and glowing.

Jessica stated, “It’s a little bit of tender loving care to start the day.” She has also changed the way she looked at exercise. She said that before she felt that exercising meant burning out all your calories and sweating them out but the lockdown taught her that that does not necessarily have to be the case.

One can have a less rigorous regime and still have beautifully sculpted muscles and a toned body.