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South Korean Golfer A Lim Kim Becomes The 75th US Women’s Open Champion

Photo by Steven Shircliff on Unsplash

Golfer A-Lim Kim won herself a title in U.S Women’s Open final while playing an amazing match in Houston, Texas.

This was Kim’s very first participation in the U.S women’s open and her third professional career title. She won against Ko Jin-Young and US golfer Amy Olson by making one shot on each of her final three holes in the last round.

She was five shots behind the Japenese golfer Hinako Shibuno but then won two shots and got ahead of her.

The final round of the game held on Monday as the game had a rain break on Sunday.

Kim expressed her feelings and said: “I felt very privileged to win the 75th title of the U.S Women’s Open. And I cant get used to the idea of being a champion in the game as it feels different being able to get a victory here.

South Korean golf game environment is different from here and being in the COVID-19 situation I am really lucky that we will be able to participate in the US Women’s Open in Houston. I love being here and I would like to spend more time here, she added.

This year out of four major titles three got won by South Koreans and the golfer earned a check of $1 million as a victory.


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