Childhood Buddies Turn Fun Activity Into A Creative Business

Childhood Buddies Turn Fun Activity Into A Creative Business
Photo by Dazzling & Hypnotic on Unsplash

Kiera Charette and Kristen Hill are two old besties. While remembering their first meetup day Kristen laughed and said that, we were in grade 6 and that was our first day when we met. I just looked at her when she was coming into the room, I was like ‘oh she is really pretty’.

After that day they become best friends. Kiera said that I feel we are like a family and she is my sister. I have never been so close to anyone in my entire life.

Their relationship becomes stronger after the suicide of Kristen Brother Nick in May. Its been so difficult for us and it is getting tough with every passing day, we miss him more than a lot.

Kiera said, we just want to find something for our better mental health. We just want to do things that make us happy and get our mind off that sorrow of losing our friend and brother.

Kiera added that we just started learning sewing on YouTube as fun and then while watching movies we sew and we had a lot of fun while doing that. It was so helpful to divert our minds towards something positive.

They have no idea that this little fun activity will turn into a business after just three months of learning. Cut and Stitch Co was born after that.

Kristen said that we didn’t expose ourselves for almost a month after launching our business in October. We just wanted to experiment with the business without showing ourselves and it just kind of go off.

They sell their scrunchies on Instagram as well as on Salta Gymnastics and Top Notch Custom Kreations shops.

Kiera said that we were very excited when we earn our first 10 dollars and we made a picture with it. It was just so exciting for us.

Kristen added that the holidays are so busy time for us especially packing Christmas boxes and trying to manage our work. We sold approximately 25 boxes in Local love box and we put a total of three scrunchies. Other few local businesses also started doing the same thing so we were very engaged in that.

They decided to donate the 10% profit of their business to a mental health organization in memory of Nick’s Birthday in January.