Is British Tennis Player Jo Konta QUITTING Tennis?

Is British Tennis Player Jo Konta QUITTING Tennis?

Female tennis player Johanna Konta is doing training for the upcoming Australian Open 2021. Konta aims to win Grand Slam titles but yet she is trying to make a final decision about her personal life. She is in a serious relationship with Jackson Wade.

KONTA said that “I am truly motivated and thrilled to play. I am not in a mood of quitting but I will go with the flow wherever life takes me. I will gonna play the next season as I am training for it and then I will see myself where I stand in my life according to my heart and soul. I want to have children so let’s see 2021 or expectedly 2022 and then at which place we are.”

Many other famous tennis female players like Serena Williams, Victoria, and Kim Clijsters returned to their sports career after having babies.

KONTA paid her remarks towards these players and said that I can’t even imagine myself getting back to my career as a Mom.

I am not open to this idea because I have worked hard on my sports career and I might get retired and start my own family. But it’s not so sure.

She is again getting training under Coach Dimitri Zavialoff who made her reach till semifinals in Paris 2019 and also last eight in New York and Wimbledon.

Konta is also getting trained to play Tokyo Olympics in addition to Wimbledon next year. In her opinion, the 2016 Rio Olympics was her career peak yet she had doubts about that.

She said that I thought what’s the point of playing when there’s no scores and prize. I was exhausted. But I was amazed seeing athletes rushing in buses and wearing their national tracks. Afterward those two weeks I traveled from Rio to Cincinnati I felt like the most depressed person in the whole world.

The Great Britain team is the coolest team to be with. I used to go for my power training sessions in an external gym and have seen many Rugby players and boxers there. I used to talk to hockey players and divers there.

The tennis player is excited to play doubles with Joe Salisbury at Tokyo Olympics. She has sent an Audition tape to Putney.

She laughed and said that I have sent the tape to him while playing volleyball and was like that I would be very grateful If you will have me on your team and I hope that we will play together.

Joe replied that it must be him auditioning for the game and it’s very nice of him. I hope that there will be no hurdles in the way and the games will go on.