Here’s How Tulsi Gabbard’s New Bill Fueling Attacks On Trans Youth

Photo: Tulsi Gabbard/Instagram

On Tuesday, Tulsi Gabbard announced a bill in the US Representatives House. This bill includes the protection of women athletes based on their biological sex.

According to the bill the women athlete rights are being protected in Title IX and they are to receive equal funding as men athletes

She introduced the “Protect Women’s Sports act“ bill along with Markwayne , Republican Oklahoma. A bill just similar to this was also introduced in September with almost the same title by Kelly Loeffler, Senior Republican Georgia.

Tulsi said that this bill is being wrongly interpreted by some states which creates hardships for female athletes. Title IX is to provide equality in sports for both girls and women’s which lessen by biological males’ competition in such games.

If this bill is being practiced in law this would illegalize the right of biological males to participate in women’s sports. This bill is immediately declined by the LGBTQ+ lawyers.

Deputy Director Trans Justice Chase Strangio said in TIME that this bill is just an attack on the young trans community and this will never be passed in Congress as it sends an alarming message to the young trans people by increasing attacks on them in state laws.

Associate Director Transgender Representative called Tulsi’s bill dangerous as it’s not about protecting female athletics rights. It’s a negative impact on sports that there’s not a policy in almost eighteen states which allows trans players to take part in team sports. This is just a false statement of protecting female athletes to cover gender discrimination behavior.

The executive director National Center for transgender equality called it a shameful act and a stunt to get the attention of the media. She said that it’s just an unkind effort to harm Trans athletes and to get fame on Tv. She should feel shameful for making such an attack on trans athletes.

In the early 2000s, Gabbard worked and supported her father against the legalization of Gay marriages in Huwaii. She then challenged the Defense of Marriage Act in 2013.

In a short apologetic video to the trans community in her 2020 presidency days as a candidate, she said that I apologize for my hurtful remarks regarding the trans community and my perspective has now changed in the last six years and I will work to fight for LGBTQ+ rights.

Lawyers argued that that statement is against the bill.

Various lawmakers previously tried to introduce these kinds of bills to eliminate trans people from women sports. Brad little also signed a bill in March according to which a physician signed document regarding the inner and outer anatomy of the athlete should be given and no girl’s sports will be allowed to take part by any male.

The state rejected that bill that it’s just another invalid reason to eliminate trans people from sports. ACLU tweeted that it’s a victory for Idaho women and the Trans community belongs in sports.