Vishakha Vows To Empower Women Karigars By Providing Them A Clothing Platform

Vishakha Vows To Empower Women Karigars By Providing Them A Clothing Platform
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Vishakha Sethi belongs to a business background has started working at the age of 17. Her father Heman Sethi is the sole owner of clothing company R Sethi & sons from the age of 15 years. The family has been managing the clothing business for many generations.

After being graduated from Swiss Business school she started her business. She said that she felt it’s her responsibility to lift the traditional Indian skills and designs.

She said: “Growing up I have seen many amazing designs come to reality but sadly I have also noticed the replacement of traditional skills to a large production approach. These skills are now viewed as something costly and high maintenance but this is just a false concept.

She said that the skillful persons earn a very little wage by their techniques and the brands kept a huge profit margin. This encourages her to start a brand Shrutkirti to re-establish traditional Indian clothing techniques in present-day fashion.

It’s always her perspective to re-establish the handcrafting techniques in fashion and make an item of pure organic clothing in fashion by replacing modern machinery techniques.

This brand also works for social service as its name means  “worldwide fame holder “. The brand helps jobless skillful men and women to earn for their better lives.

She said that even though it’s a small step it will provide a step ahead in making change as Shrutkirti symbolizes the prolongation of Indian skills.

She said that improvement might take more time than expected but they are responsible to pass this art globally and make their consumers know about that.

Vishakha’s brand work with many traders, manufacturers, and company owners. The main goal is to provide an easy wear variety of clothes by using natural dyes as printing Block, indigo, batik, etc. The clothes are then hand-embroidered before dispatch.

Vishakha said that it’s our belief to provide decency in less. We enjoy playing with beautiful colors but our designs are purely Indian culture-based and we ensure the use of traditional skills. We sell our kurtas at the reasonable price range of Rupees 1,399 ad 3,999. All the clothes in the company are available on their online website.

The total team is 35 having almost 500 new consumers and approximately 45% coming back consumers. The founder believes that her brand will empower women karigars.

The founder said that the female Karigars were very introvert at first but now they developed the confidence of expressing their ideas and making them work. I wish to make this brand a female-owned and women’s business.