Taylor Swift Surprises Fans With Second 2020 Album ‘Evermore’

Taylor Swift Surprises Fans With Second 2020 Album 'Evermore'

Grammy award winner Taylor Swift’s army of fans are very excited as the global idol launched her 2nd album of the year Evermore two days before celebrations started for her birthday on the 13th of December. Earlier Taylor blessed her fans with the record-breaking album Folklore which topped charts and was a huge hit.

In an Instagram caption, Swift wrote that she wanted to gift her fans with something close to her heart since they always make her feel special and shower her with immense amounts of love and praise. She posted that she was elated and can’t wait for her ninth studio album to come at midnight eastern time. 

The regular version consists of a total of fifteen new songs while the limited edition will feature two new bonus tracks called “It’s Time to Go” and Right Where You Left Me.”

She also revealed that she will soon be sharing the pop video for the single “Willow.” Featuring artists include Haim, a duet performance with indie musician Justin Vernon and The National.

She shared that she is aware that this Christmas will be a lonely holiday for most and if there are any out there who feel that they can find solace in listening to music then this is for you.

She added that with this album we wanted to wander deeper and explore new ideas and had to choose between whether the team wanted to stick to the old stuff or make bolder yet wiser decisions.

Regarding the whole process, Taylor said that she has never done this before and previously she treated albums as one-off eras and moved on planning the next one after an album was released. She said, “There was something different about this one. Making it, felt less like I was departing and more like I was returning.”

Evermore is represented as Folklore’s sister record which sheds light on and explores themes like escapism and introspection. It is anticipated that just like her previous album this too will receive universal acclaim and will garner more nominations for the supremely talented singer-songwriter.

It has the soft melody of a beautifully played flute, sweet-sounding cellos, and French horns that perfectly fit into the composition. The lyrics hold depth and meaning and the soothing vocals will have listeners mesmerized.