Mexican Women With Disabilities Need Senate Help To Survive Violence

Photo by Josh Appel on Unsplash

Mexico Deputies modify women’s laws to eradicate violence from their lives by empowering a total of 44 justice centers that work for the services of violence survivors.  But the parliamentarians do not be able to include any words for disabled women to access these facilities in some situations when they are in need.

These modifications failed to respond to the hurdles disable females face in getting access to these facilities. These hurdles are marked in 2019 and 2020 in approximately four states of Mexico concerning the ferocity of family towards disable people and documented by Human Rights Watch.

By research, it is to be noticed that these justice providing centers lack facilities regarding providing any communication, physical accessibilities, and proper facilities for disabling females. The laws of Mexico have not provided any kind of services for disabling females even though they are violence victims.

In a case where a woman named Huerta Mora who was a Mexican city resident was severely injured by violence from her three sisters-in-law and her husband led to spinal injury and walking disability for life. The unavailability of any kind of proper shelter and services for her safety lead her back to her abusive family.

As this draft law goes to senate they should ensure protection and support to the disabled female domestic violence victims and providing them accessibility to the facilities for their betterment. They should notice the fact that disabled women are financially dependent on their predators which makes it difficult for them to get away from the abuse.

Parliament should use this vital opportunity and modify laws for these disabled females who are facing violence in their everyday life.