Spanish Viewers Deceived By False Work-From-Home Advertisement

Photo by Jp Valery on Unsplash

Spanish audiences have fallen victim to misleading advertisements by an LA County telemarketing company claiming to make money while working from home. A lawsuit has been filed against the firm for deceiving the people and ripping them of approximately US$7million in cash.

People wanting the job had to pay an enrollment fee of up to US$299 in advance and in return would receive a start-up kit along with some other goods. It was communicated that consumers would be able to earn a huge sum of money but the kit was either an imitation or priced higher than what was sold in the market.

The fraudulent scheme was started by Moda Latina BZ in the month of March in 2017 and came to end in August 2020 and specifically targeted Latin Americans and was an attack on their vulnerable economic conditions during the spread of COVID-19.

The ads were run in between serials and dramas on Spanish networks like Univision consisted of women holding bundles of cash. The commercial gave wrong information to its viewers stating that they could make 500 dollars a week by selling designer jewelry, branded clothes and other merchandise, fashion accessories, boots, luxury items, makeup, and perfume without having to step a foot outside their homes.

The case also declares that Moda Latina BZ has been using an abusive and deceitful approach to advertise and has thus violated several broadcasting rules and regulations.

The media has been trying to talk to a representative of the company but has so far remained unsuccessful in getting any sort of response. The company has not commented or passed any statements in its defense and continues to remain quiet.