Republican Marcia Fudge Expected To Be Secretary Of HUD

Republican Marcia Fudge Expected To Be Secretary Of HUD

The expected Decision of Republican Marcia Fudge to lead the Housing and Urban Development department by President-elect Biden was confirmed by two sources on Tuesday.

If the decision is confirmed, Marcia will become the second black woman for this position after Patricia Roberts Haris who served in the era of President J.Carter. She is the top contestant for the position as Marcia served as a practiced lawyer for justified worker practices and human rights.

She also served in Agricultural Department on House Committee because of which her companions want her as Agricultural Secretary.

President Biden is pressurized to make a Black female cabinet by the Black American community that’s why he is deciding to make Black prominent females be part of the cabinet as he vowed to make a mixed cabinet.

Regardless there’s no such proper decision submitted to the senate, Marcia showed her consent to secure the seat as she told NBC News on Tuesday.

She said that This is something I never even dreamt about but if I can assist President in any possible way I will happily do it. It’s a fact of honor to be in such a good thing. If this will happen I will gladly take it.

Being a representative of one of the majority-minority districts of Ohio she is a secure member as a Democrat. James Clyburn showed his support towards her and said that he will wait for her to be a part of the cabinet.

The President has already selected a variety of cabinet members including Black defense secretary Lloyd who will serve as Secretary of defense. Hispanic Xavier for Health and Human Service Secretary, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro having Cuban immigrant family background, and first-ever female Secretary of treasure, Janet Yellen.

UN Biden’s Ambassador will be Black female Linda Thomas which is a position usually under presidents of Democrats in the cabinet.

She served as one of the best Democratic leaders and was chairperson of CBC (Congressional Black Caucus). When Democrats won charge of the house again in 2018 she challenged Nancy who is a Republican for House speaker.

She then became the chairperson of a subcommittee whose work is to check on voting laws of the US and election agencies like the Federal Election Commission. This subcommittee was then ended by the Republic party in 2013.

However, Marcia stated that Pelosi assured at that time that decision-making authority will be provided to loyal Democrat Black females and as a chairperson of that sub-committee she will be eligible to provide service for validating the Act of Voting Rights.