Lily Garcia Fights To Become Secretary Of Education

Photo by Santi Vedrí on Unsplash

Former chief of National Education Association Lily Eskelsen Garcia has recently retired from the largest teachers union in the country in September.

She has received multiple endorsements from Hispanic organizations and the Congregational Hispanic Caucus to compete with fellow candidates and fight for a prestigious spot at the most honorable offices under Joe Biden’s presidency.

The Congressional Hispanic Caucus recommended her to Biden and asked him to consider her for the job at U.S Educational Department deeming her to be the perfect candidate that has immense experience in working to eradicate racial discrimination in schools and other similar institutes. She will continue to show her might by gracefully stepping up to challenge.

The letter signed by about 23 members stated, “Lily’s long record of achievements, working across the political divide and building and managing constituencies would make her an excellent Secretary of Education.”

Lily Eskelsen Garcia began her career as a lunch woman at an elementary school in Colorado. From there she moved onto being a classroom assistant. Taking advice from a peer at her school she decided to pursue her own path and put in hard work and effort to build a foundation for herself.

She also holds a teaching degree awarded to her by the University of Utah and was given the title ‘Teacher of the Year’ for the said state in 1989.

She led the Utah Education Association as its head for four years and was then chosen to take responsibility at the national union and provide guidance and direction to her colleagues and other co-workers.

Garcia also received approval from the public for a place in the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda which is a federation of more than forty Latin American policy groups and civil rights activists and reformers.

They appreciated Garcia and said that they want her to be part of the partnership because she has it in her “to steer away from the destructive practices and policies of the Trump Administration.”

Lily’s supporters suggest that having her in the running would help Biden keep his promise to appoint someone who has many years serving in the public education sector under her belt.

Not only this but also her vision aligns with Biden’s aim to introduce a more diverse workforce in educational institutions, increase wages, and allocate adequate funds to low-income schools.

This would aid Biden in easily winning those not in support of private education over and regardless of race or class enhance the quality of education for all.