Welsh Cyclist Elinor Barker Aiming For Esports World Championship Crown

Welsh Cyclist Elinor Barker Aiming For Esports World Championship Crown

British woman cyclist Elinor Barker has been awarded amazing medals and has won almost 15 major titles in her cycling career.

Now the Olympic champion is targeting on winning Championship award of Leagues of maiden Esports which will happen this Wednesday.

She is a part of nine membered Great Britain team. They will be having a race championship of almost 50km cycle track. This is an online racing championship that will be held with help of the Zwift platform.

In an interview with BBC Sports, the cyclist said that it is strange to hope for an Esports title but it has a special place. She added that it’s quite difficult to get ready for upcoming events and then seeing them getting canceled. I will never take things lightly again.

Men and women will race on the same track in a separate over-the-line scratch race setup. The winners will receive both their own physical rainbow jerseys and digital versions for their in-game form to use over the coming 12 months.

The cyclist’s sister Megan is also in team GB. At UCI event by the administration of sports both sisters and many more amazing names of sports stars including Sarah Storey who is Paralympic winner for the fourteenth time and Clancy who is three times Olympic gold medal winner and English master cyclist who also won World champion trophy in 2010 will get together.

British cyclist said that even though it will be an online race not having contestants side by side yet it will be very exciting as several players having different amazing sports championships will be racing together so it’s quite fascinating that who will win on that day.

Elinor has won two European championship awards the previous month. That award was her first one major contest award after winning gold in the world points race which was held in March.

The cyclist will be continuing her training in April in the Nations Cup at Newport for Tokyo Olympics.

She expressed her excitement for the Olympics and said that the Olympics will be gonna so meaningful because the athletes have to wait almost a year more for tournaments to happen.

Olympics is an event waited by people globally and I wish that a vaccine will come by soon so that we have a huge crowd of cheering people but if that will not happen the Olympics will still be a huge thing for us.