Bezos’s Blue Origin Plans For First Female Moon Journey

Photo by History in HD on Unsplash

Blue Origin is preparing to send the first female to the moon as stated by the CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos. NASA decided to send astronauts by 2024.

In a post on Instagram with a video of a BE-7 test at Nasa Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville in Alabama Bezos wrote that this engine will be able to take the first female to the moon.

Only 12 men make it to the moon. No woman ever travels to the moon but NASA decides to take the first woman astronaut to the moon as administrator Jim Bridenstine said last year.

Bridenstine said that In the era of 1960 girls didn’t have a chance to see themselves as an astronaut but today they do and, in my opinion, that’s an amazing opportunity.

It took a lot of years to make BlueEngine-7 and at present time it has tallied 1,245 seconds of test-fire time. It empowers the lunar lander team of Blue Origin’s National Human Landing System.

Blue origin played a major role in making the ‘national team’ in 2019 and supported the team to Build its Blue moon lander. This team consist of Lockheed Martin, Draper, and Northrop Grumman.

The firm competes for profit-making government projects. The firm is in a contest with many oppositions like Elon Musk’s SpaceX and Leidos Holdings Dynetics.

NASA granted the Blue Origin team with $579m, SpaceX with $135m, and Dynetics with $253m for developing their Starship system in name of the lunar lander development project.

NASA decided to pick only two firms at the start of march 2021 to keep on making lander prototypes for team missions which will be initiated in 2024.

There are chances that the plan will be delayed decision due to the availability of slim funds to NASA by Congress and the unreliability of coming Biden’s administration’s perspectives on the exploration of Space.