Miley Cyrus Gets Candid About Her Marriage With Liam Hemsworth

Miley Cyrus Gets Candid About Her Marriage With Liam Hemsworth

The American singer Miley Cyrus talked about her heartbreak after her divorce from her ex-husband. She has been expressing it both in her songs and interviews. Her recent song “Plastic Hearts”  includes a lot of hurting and emotional lines. On Dec 2, in her recent interview at “The Howard Stern show,”  she expressed her open views about her past relationship with Liam Hemsworth.

After being in a relationship for about 10 years the couple got married just for 7 months in December 2018 and got separated.

She said in the interview that the reason provoking them to get married in 2018 was the Woolsey fire at their Malibu home where her every song, every photo which was given by her family, and her scripts got burnt. Everything was lost and burnt into ashes.

She added that it was so heartwrenching moment for her because she was busy shooting Black Mirror in South Africa and couldn’t come back home.

She said that she just hold on to everything that was left as a memory of that house which included her and her ex-husband, Liam.

She added that instead of moving away I just ran back to that house to try to fix everything back just like the animals do when deer run towards the forest when there’s a fire and because of that fire end up being dead.

“One is attracted to warmth and heat. Being an intense nature person myself I just didn’t want to accept that and to let it go. I just wanted to hold on tight to myself and Liam which were the only things left of that burnt house and I always loved him a lot and I still do and I will keep on loving him.”

In the view of getting a divorce, at last, Miley disclosed that there were a lot of problems in their marriage. She said that she wanted to get hold by someone whenever she came back home rather than having a conflict or any kind of drama.