Selena Gomez Raise Her Voice Against Hateful Content On Social Media


Singer Selena Gomez has expressed her concern after seeing hateful content on social media. She retweeted a post of Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) which is a non-profit London-based lobbying tech firm, that removes the users who spread the content that is harmful.

CCDH has disclosed in a post on Twitter that a group of people are selling racists items on Instagram and Facebook. The post read: “Kindly remove this neo-Nazi network as a whole @Facebook. Despite being told earlier Facebook has left these kinds of pages online.”

This encourages Selena to reply. She wrote: “I have no words to say. Facebook and Instagram how are you enduring this hate? even though you have been alerted there are still these kinds of accounts.

That’s not the first time UNICEF ambassador Selena showed her distress related to the social media platform.

She added an Instagram story to share a direct message she had sent to Mark Zuckerberg, The Facebook founder, and Sheryl Sandberg in September.

Concerning the post-Selena wrote that Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are being mishandled and are used to spread hate, false information, racist behavior, and prejudice. She called for help to end this and to eliminate the groups and users who are spreading hate speech violence and false information as our future is based on this.

Selena Gomez the 28-year-old singer is the ‘When We All Vote’ co-chair member which is a non-profit organization, that vowed to increase participation in votes. Selena has earlier put pressure on the significance of everyone’s voice to be heard in the Facebook message.

She added that we can’t allow being false informed regarding voting. There must have to be instant-checking and answerability. Expect to hear from you as soon as possible.