Entrepreneurs In Tawergha Awarded Grants to Reestablish Their Pandemic Stricken Businesses

Photo by You X Ventures on Unsplash

10 entrepreneurs from Tawergha have been awarded a grant of US$277,000 to rebuild their enterprises. These individuals whose startups fell victim to a state, constantly under armed conflict, closely followed by the devastating consequences of COVID-19 will not only be provided with financial assistance but also technical aid.

They will have complete support from the funding program sponsored by the Japanese Government throughout the development phase.

In order to benefit from the coaching and training sessions, the awardees will be also be given access to a three-month pre-incubation accelerator program. The selected companies will work in collaboration with the UNDP which will lead to an opening of 69 new jobs in the region.

The event was organized by the UNDP and was held for a total of 2 days. During the ceremony Resident Representative, Mr. Gerardo Noto said, “I would like to congratulate the awardees and stand assured that the skills gained during the marathon will pay off in the future. It is time for peace in Libya and I am confident the participants of the Re-Start-Up Marathon will make a difference to boost jobs creation and reinvigorate the local economy to support the most vulnerable people.”

An owner by the name of Khadija Abu Arabia who is a physiotherapist by profession expressed her delight by stating, “I was very happy when they informed me that I got accepted. I felt that, finally, someone understood and considered my business idea, as it will contribute to the stabilization of the city and support others as well as secure a better future for me and my children.”

Participants from diverse backgrounds and multiple races took part in the marathon which were then short listed and chosen by a panel of experts. Ideas that sounded the most unique were preferred and belonged to different fields like library and printing services, pastry shop, brick factory, gas provider and dates and molasses production etc.

A man called Omar Embarak, at the gathering, shared, “My daughter passed me the good news that I got selected. I think this will be the reason for my resettlement. I am determined to help the citizens of this city, especially students, through my business in providing student services such as stationery and typing of documents.”

The people are more than aware and ready to contribute to the development of their country. They look forward to playing a vital role in doing something productive so that they can improve the quality of life, create a safe and secure environment for future generations, to proper and properly bear the fruit of their hard work and unfaltering dedication.