Helena Bonham Carter “The Crown” actress has ethical obligation to tag it as Fiction


 “ The Crown” Netflix season has again made top news for a creative license with royalty in real-life. The actress Helena Bonham Carter has a perspective that the series has to eradicate the new disorientation.

 In an episode of the official, The Crown podcast on Monday Carter who was Princess Margaret in the 3rd and 4rth season has commented on new controversy that the series has dramatized events especially Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s relationship which is played by Josh O’Connor and Emma Corrin in Season 4. Carter stated that it is fictionalized and she felt strongly because it’s our moral obligation to tell that stop guy and tell that they are drama makers and it’s not a drama-doc. These two are entirely different things.

She added that Peter Morgan the series creator has added few things after proper research on the Royal family that he conducted before the new season.

 British politician Oliver Dowden who is also a U.K.’s Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport in the start of this month pressurize Netflix to disclaimer at the start of episodes of The Crown so that the viewers might not take the show as the mere truth.

He said in The Mail that the show is pure work of fiction so Netflix should be clear about that and he is frightened that viewers who have not lived through these events might take this work of fiction as fact. He stated that he plans to write privately to Netflix about his worries and TVLine reached out for remarks to the streaming service.