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Meet The KP’s First Female Traffic Cop Who Is An Inspiration To Young Women


More and more women are joining the Police force which is considered to be a male-dominated profession. Among many females, Aneela Naz hailed from a conservative village Lakki Marwat, decided not to listen to those who discourage her to join the Police force. She is promoted to the DSP position in the Vehicle License Authority of KP and become the first woman who got this position.

She had this passion to join the Police force when she was searching for a job in 1996. But people in her village slammed her for choosing the male-dominated profession. Aneela’s father was a learned man who decided not to accept these beliefs of people. He took his family to Peshawar and settled there for the education of his children. All four siblings of Aneela are now working as government officers in different departments.

Aneela Naz has started her career as an assistant sub-inspector in 1996. Her close family member cut off their ties with her family as they felt humiliated by her career choice. Aneela disclosed that one of her family members asked her not to show up anywhere in the police uniform. But Naz decided not to stop there and continue her struggle.

She said that when she joined the force, she experienced gender discrimination and women faced discrimination when it comes to promotion. But now the situation is different. Now many years have passed, and she is now the expert. Naz has now learned to use all kinds of guns. She has topped every course and now trains both males and females.

Aneela said that she is now seeing that those people who slammed her for her choice are now sending their own daughters to this force but at her time she faced criticism from her close family members. Women are now joining these forces and endeavoring to diversify their skills. Naz believed that time has gone when males and females were deemed different.

Furthermore, she explained that there are two uniforms for the officers. Female officers have two choices to select from. Earlier, it was difficult to work together with men but now the time has changed and there is no issue working with them. She has trained both men and females.

In KP, female officers are receiving rigorous physical training. She believed that working in this force will encourage more women to come and shares their issues. Women who are facing issues easily talked about their problems now when they see other women like them working in the office.

Aneela Naz revealed that one uncle in her family who told her not to show up in police uniform now introduces her with happiness with his friends and relatives. Their concept has now changed, and this is the success of Aneela.


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