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Young Footballer Make Pakistan Proud After She Named Among Forbes’ 30 Under 30

Women of Pakistan are breaking all the barriers as they soar up high with their success. They are making the whole nation proud of their confidence, hard work, and dedication towards success.

21-year old Karishma Ali from Chitral, Pakistan has won the heart of the nation after she made it to the list of Forbes’ 30 under 30.

Karishma’s passions and her determination to reach the top helped her to become the first girl from her hometown to have played football at a national and international level.

She has earlier represented Pakistan at Jubliee Games in Dubai. Her team was the first women’s team from Pakistan to participate in the AFL International Cup. Ali is also the founder of the Chitral Women’s Sports Club.

She has faced many obstacles and challenges on her way to success. She lived in that area of Pakistan where the internet facility is intermittent.

Ali disclosed that she received death threats on social media when some men in her area came to know that she was playing football in Islamabad.

But young girl didn’t stop there she continues to play and continues to raise her voice. Karishma said that she wished to bring change in the lives of those girls who want to become more than just housewives.

If she was born in a different household probably she too would now be married but her father and her family allowed her to fulfill her dream.


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Ali took to Twitter to gave a shout-out to her father who supported her in every moment of her life.

She wrote: “Baba, look how far we’ve come.”

She revealed that when she was only eight she used to think that what wrong with this society?  Why were women not allowed to do certain things men were allowed to.

Her father told her to keep this hidden from the people of Chitral that she was playing football. She never shared anything about her career on social media.

But in 2016, when she was chosen for the international game she saw a post read ‘first girl from Chitral to play national or international level.

She revealed that when people saw they post they threatened her and asked her to stop playing the game. Otherwise, they chopped off their legs.

Ali was only 18 at that time and sometimes she thought that maybe she should stop. But at that time the consoling words from her father encouraged her to play.


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