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Top 5 Young Female Entrepreneurs You Can Take Inspiration From

Our brain is an idea machine. Every day while we eat, drive, or go through the boring lecture, our mind comes up with brilliant ideas that can potentially become a big business plan but we tend to ignore them as we are never looking to make anything out of it.

Mostly we heard excuses from people that they have ideas but they are too young to do any business. But there is no age limitation in doing the business. It is never too early or late to become successful in your life.

These young entrepreneurs will prove this to you that you can start the journey to becoming an achiever at any age.

These young females come up with ideas and start the new journey of their life:

Jelani Jones, Founder of Lani Boo Bath

This girl proved that you can start any business at any age after she started her business Lani Boo Bath at the age of 9. When she was young she loved bath products and she came up with an idea to start a business of bath products.

She visited local farmer markets to test her products and she tested as many products she finds. One of her vendors became her mentor. Jelani has then turned her hobby into a successful business.

Now she is busy encouraging other young girls to start their business. She encouraged parents to take the ideas and dreams of their kids seriously.


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Asia Newson, CO-Founder, And CEO of Super Business Girl

Asia Newson, a young girl from Detroit is the co-founder and CEO of Super Business Girl. Super Business Girl is the company she runs with her parents.

Asia was only five when she started selling candles. She bought a bulk of candles from the distributor and started selling them.

At the age of 13, she started making her own candles. Asia is currently selling her handmade candle through her company.

She has also featured in ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ and ‘America’s Got Talent’and she was a keynote speaker for TEDxDetroit.

Now her company teaches children how to become a successful entrepreneur. From the profit she earned, Newson buys clothes and food for needy children. Not only this she also buys her own school and business supplies.

Hannah Grace was only 10 years old when her father challenged her to make the same products she loved from her favorite beauty store.

Hannah revealed that in 2016 on New Year Eve she and her family were on their way to buy bath bombs. When she and her family reached the store her father turned to her and said: “I bet you could make these and even sell them.”

She accepted the challenge of her father. Hannah said that her father always encouraged her that someday she will be very successful.

Now she is 13 years old and she is making her own health and beauty products and sell them. Her brand name is BeYOUtiful. She believed: “You don’t have to be anybody else to be beautiful, you can just Be YOU.”


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Sofi Overton is currently running a business named Wise Pocket. She started her business at the age of 11. Sofi has got an idea when she saw her older cousin put her phone in her boot because she did not have any pockets in the leggings she was wearing.

She revealed that she also tried this method of her cousin because she never had enough pockets to hold everything. But she said it was uncomfortable for her because her phone kept slipping down to my ankle.

That’s the moment when she came up with an idea to start this business. She developed a prototype by adding pockets at the top of the sock. Her idea worked great.

Sofi didn’t stop there she continued her business and started making legging with wise pockets too.


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Miracle Olatunji is the Founder of OpportuniMe to connect the next generation of people to experiential learning opportunities. She was in high school when she started this business to help other people find the purpose of their lives.

Olatunji is the author of Purpose: How To Live and Lead with Impact. The book described that there are two important days in our lives. The day we are born and the day we found out why.

Miracle Olatunji has helped people to know why they were born. She connects high school students with opportunities to help them decide on their careers.

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